Sunday Morning 11/1/09

Here is the sermon audio for the Sunday morning.  This sermon talks about the power of multiplying by making disciples.  It is amazing to me that the message of this sermon was repeated back to me in many ways at a conference that I attended during this following week.  I think that God has some amazing things prepared for His church here in Langdon and I am excited to see it.  Click play below to listen to the sermon and follow along with the notes as well if you wish.  May the Lord bless you through His Word.

Understanding the Covenant

Sermon notes 11/1/09

Genesis 15


  1. The covenant promises of God – Genesis 15:1-6
    1. Genesis 12:2-3, 7
    2. These are the promises Abram is asking about
    3. Abraham believed God – v. 6
      1. It wasn’t that he believed God existed – Hebrews 11:6
      2. He believed God would do what He promised – Romans 4 and Galatians 3
  2. The covenant confirmation of God – Genesis 15:7-20
      1. God answers Abram’s concerns in a way Abram can understand
      2. What is the meaning of the smoking fire pot and flaming torch?
        1. Isaiah 62:1 – Yeshua (Salvation) is the torch
        2. 2 Corinthians 1:18-22 / Galatians 3:16
  3. The covenant command to Abraham’s “offspring”
    1. Genesis 12:1-3 – Make him a nation
    2. Matthew 28:19-20 – Go and make disciples of all the nations
      1. Leading a person to the Lord every day for 70 years – 25,550
      2. A 40 year old convert discipling/multiplying one believer a year for 30 years – 1,073,000 people
      3. Go forth and multiply
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