Hog Wild

Normally, I would use that phrase to talk of my love of all things Razorback, but in this instance it simply means that I am a likely recipient of the H1N1 (swine flu) virus.  I went to the doctor today and tested positive for influenza A, which means it is probably the H1N1 variety here.  This is the second year in a row that I have managed to pick up some big viral deal that has flattened me.  Last year it was the parvovirus B19 adventure in the late summer and now this.  Hopefully this will be a shorter deal.  I already have someone lined up to preach on Sunday morning as I have been strictly admonished to stay at home until I am symptom free for at least 24 hours.  It seems to have hit my two boys as well, but only one of them has had a hard time with it like I have.  We both have asthma, so that explains most of the problem.  I was given a prescription for Tamiflu, along with a few other things, and then discovered that Tamiflu has some “unusual” side effects that are possible (notably hallucinations).  I will take my first dose tonight and hope that I don’t start seeing things.  I have a feeling I won’t be blogging much for a while as I have to put all of my effort into schoolwork first.  I look forward to getting back to some sort of normalcy soon.  In the meantime, I appreciate your prayers for me and the family as we try to get back to full health.

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4 thoughts on “Hog Wild

  1. George Musgrave

    Hey Jeff, Thinking of you and your family. Will keep you in our prayers and hope that God gives you a swift recovery. Love Mom and Dad

  2. Prayers to you, being sick is bad enough, having a sick kid is worse! I will pray for your wife, she must be exhausted!

  3. Thanks for fixing your sermon posts. The waiters need a good meal too! You have been given the gift of teaching, and today I was your student.
    Praise the Chef, who prepared the feast, and may you continue to bring the plates of His Word to the table of the hungry.
    A lot to learn, great title, great sermon, even my wife, who is a preacher critic, sat and enjoyed.

  4. Will,
    You bless my heart brother. I can take no credit for the gifts God has placed in my life; but I am always blessed to know when God has used them to touch others as well. And I thank you again for bring the problem with the sermons to my attention. I couldn’t have fixed it without knowing about it and no one else said a word about it.
    We are down to one sick kid here and I am on the mend fairly well, so the continued prayers are appreciated. Thanks also for the invite from your church’s profile on Facebook. God’s blessings to you brother.

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