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Lo and behold a church dares to speak the truth and gets blasted for it in their local media.  Their sign reads “Santa isn’t really coming, but Jesus is.”  The “news” media story can’t even quote the sign accurately on their site.  It is a good thing they show it on video or their distortion of facts would stand.

Samantha Davis, “Even people who don’t have kids are offended by it. I haven’t met one person who isn’t offended by it.”

Liz Nagy, “There’s no one at the church to tell us how long the sign has been up, or exactly what they mean, but now parents say they have a lot of explaining to do.”

They have a lot of explaining to do?  Not in my book.  If you don’t get it, maybe you should get a clue.  Santa is a fantasy.  Jesus is the real deal.  The church won’t do anyone any favors by ignoring those facts.  Just my two cents.

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2 thoughts on “More Christmas News

  1. Satan Clause, bah, humbug!!
    Let us celebrate the birth of the Truth by telling lies to our children. What glop.

  2. Will,
    That is exactly what I mean. I have a friend who grew up in a pastor’s home and when she found out that Santa was a lie; she started wondering if her parents had lied to her about other things, including Jesus. It isn’t a surprise that would happen, but many parents just don’t see any danger in playing that game. The problem is that our whole culture is changing the definition of truth before our very eyes and if we can’t defend what is really true; no one will.

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