Misplaced Faith

Everyone lives by faith in more ways than they care to admit.  Even the atheist exercises faith on a daily basis.  We had faith that the chair we are sitting in was going to hold us up before we sat down (admit it, you don’t think twice about sitting down most of the time because you have faith that the chair will do what it is supposed to do).  Some may call that analogy silly or frivolous but it is accurate.  I have faith in much bigger things as well.

A simple look around this blog will show that I have faith in God.  I believe He is capable of doing what He has promised He would do and I have committed my life to that fact.  Much like sitting in the chair, if God isn’t trustworthy, I would fall flat.

Some put their faith in other things besides God.  They think this is smart, but I have been comparing track records and I beg to differ.  One of the most popular places for faith these days is science, but lately there have been a lot of “faith-shattering” episodes and I would like to invite my science loving friends to reconsider their misplaced faith.

The most obvious problem recently was the uncovered scandal regarding the global warming hoax and the bad science and scientists that pulled the wool over the eyes of their faithful followers.  Some have been unwilling to admit that the house of cards their faith was built on has fallen and prefer to play like the Wizard in Oz, continuing to turn the knobs and hope no one notices the man behind the curtain. The problem is that this scandal has revealed what most people (particularly those “skeptical” science folks) should have known all along.  People are prone to dishonesty and other shortcomings.  These scientists maintained a falsehood for years, apparently mostly for money or notoriety or both.  They aren’t the first to do so and they won’t be the last.  But those who followed them and some who still are have seriously misplaced their faith.

Others still have faith in science regarding evolution.  I am not trying to tar all the evolutionary scientists simply because some other scientists have been caught red handed, but I would like to point out that evolutionary science calls itself “settled” much the same way that the global warming guys did and still do try to call their science “settled,” and the global warming guys are dealing with harder “facts” than the evolution guys ever will.

Take this quote from the end of a recent article about horse evolution:

“It also implies that the loss of species diversity that occurred during the megafaunal extinctions at the end of the last Ice Age may not have been as extensive as previously thought.

In contrast, ancient DNA studies have revealed that the loss of genetic diversity in many surviving species appears to have been extremely severe,” Professor Cooper says. “This has serious implications for biodiversity and the future impacts of climate change.”

Let me spell this out if you missed it.  Evolution says that there is increasing diversity through gradual modification.  It is the only way to get from a “single ancestor species” to the massive number of species we have today without help.  This study shows that the opposite is happening, species are losing information and diversity.  But rather than question the underlying assumption (that evolutionary theory is correct), they are going to go back to the drawing board to try and explain how both things can be true (their theory and the evidence that contradicts it).  This isn’t science; it is blind faith in an “established” scientific fact that doesn’t fit the evidence.  It is misplaced faith.  Science has lost its ability to self-correct errors in some theories that are considered “untouchable” because they have the support of the “consensus” of scientists.  This isn’t science any more.  If you don’t believe this is going on, just do a search for scientist and peer review complaints.  Don’t take my word for it either.  Check out this poor scientist’s saga with a science journal. Or you can check out this post as well for another account from another scientist.

Trying placing your faith in the One who is faithful and true (Psalm 33:4; Revelation 3:14; 19:11).  Any other place and it will be misplaced.

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