Sunday Morning 12/13/09

Here is the sermon from Sunday morning.  It took me a while to get this one posted because I was finishing up my last week of classes.  This sermon covers the story of the “rich young ruler” in Matthew 19.  Press play for the audio and you can follow along with the notes below.  May God richly bless you this week.

Doing the Impossible

Sermon notes 12-13-09

  1. The Story of the Rich Young Ruler – Matthew 19:16-30
    1. v. 16 – What good deed? – This word is usually translated good. The addition of deed in this context is done by translators.
    2. The difference between eternal life and life
  2. Which commandments do I keep? – v. 18
    1. Notice that Jesus doesn’t mention all of the 10 commandments nor does He limit Himself to the 10 commandments – v. 18-19
    2. The power of self deception – v. 20
    3. Cutting to the heart of the matter – v. 21-22
    4. Understanding how to keep the Law – Matthew 22:34-40
      1. Does it show love for God?
      2. Does it show love for your neighbor?
  3. Doing the impossible – v. 23-30
    1. Who then can be saved? – v. 25
    2. Man cannot save himself – by keeping the Law or otherwise
    3. God alone can save
      1. Following Jesus – v. 28
      2. Giving up everything to God – v. 29
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