Intelligence on Display

In yet another one of those moments that make me wonder how people can think that life just “happened” by chance, scientists have studied the way a bee lands perfectly every time for hints on improving aviation designs.  It is a fascinating story, but a couple of quotes at the end really grabbed my attention.

Existing technologies, the bee work suggests, may also be more complicated than they need to be.

“It’s a beautiful way of landing using biological autopilot,” he said of the bees. “We would like to make spacecraft that do smooth, flawless dockings. Whatever bees are doing must be computationally simpler than what we are doing now.”

The reason it must be simpler according to the article is that the bee’s brain is tiny.  Yet, this small brain pulls off an engineering feat that we would love to be able to emulate with technology.

A honeybee’s brain is the size of a sesame seed and weighs about a milligram. Yet, bees and other insects manage to perform complicated tasks, including smooth upside-down landings.

The baffling thing is that scientists don’t think it rational to consider this as possible evidence of a deeper design at work within life as we know it.  In so many discussions that I have had with people who consider themselves to be rational (and who otherwise appear to be rational), these kinds of things are chalked up to random chance.  The folly of those who try to deny God’s existence has been noted before and will continue to be observed, but I thought I would throw another nugget out there tonight.

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