Sunday Services 2/21/10

As promised, there is a double spin of sermons for you this week.  The morning sermon includes the notes that I put in the bulletin, but I didn’t do any handout notes on Sunday night so there aren’t any for that one.

The Sunday morning sermon is entitled “What Does God Want Me To Do?” and you can listen by clicking on the play button below.  The notes will be located below the audio for the evening service.

The audio for the evening service can be heard by clicking the play button directly below.  The texts for this sermon are found in 1 Corinthians 9 and in Isaiah 58 primarily.

Here are the notes for the morning service.  I pray that God richly blesses you through His Word.

What Does God Want Me To Do?

Sermon notes 2/21/10

Mark 10

  1. Hardness of Heart
    1. The divorce discussion – Mark 10:1-12
    2. Parallel passage in Matthew 19:1-12
      1. Deuteronomy 24:1-4
    3. Jesus highlighted the nature of God instead
      1. The Law of Moses deals with God’s response to humanity in light of His character
  2. Haughtiness of Heart – Mark 10:17-31
    1. Why do you call me Good? – v. 18
    2. The commandments are Good – v. 19
      1. Nehemiah 9:13; Romans 7:12-13; Hebrews 6:5 – God’s Word is Good
      2. Jesus tells the man nothing new
    3. The young man’s boast and the Lord’s love – v. 20-21
    4. The call of discipleship – Follow Jesus – v. 21
  3. Humility of Heart – Mark 10:46-52
    1. A request born of desperation
    2. Jesus tells him to go and yet he follows – v. 52
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