It isn’t just the title of a song that my sister and I affectionately butcher from time to time.  Tonight, or maybe I should refer to it as early morning, I am reflecting on the amazing things that God has done in my life.  It is eleven years now since my oldest child was born.

11 years of changes and challenges that I never could have imagined before they came.

My son asked me if I would wake him up at the exact time that he turned 11 this morning.  We decided against that, but I did offer to come up and whisper it in his ear, which I did a few minutes ago.  I should probably be in bed too, but I just couldn’t go to sleep without taking a few moments to take in these moments.

Jonathan has been a blessing to us from day one.  He came very unexpectedly, a whole month early for his projected due date, and was born as a miracle indeed.  We couldn’t even realize fully at the time what a miracle it really was.  That night is filled with crazy moments and funny stories and one amazing tiny boy capped the whole thing off.  He isn’t so little anymore and I imagine he will end up looking down at me in a few years; a far cry from that small baby we held.

He is very much like his daddy and that can be a scary thing.  There are certainly differences between us, but anyone who knows us well can see a lot of me in him.  He loves to go with me to Bible study at the church and anywhere else I can take him.  I remember taking him with me when I worked as a contractor several years ago, and how he tried to help me fix the machines I was working on.  He had a couple of “tools” of his own and was so proud to help his daddy.  I look forward to sharing many more of those moments, but I can’t help but realize how quickly this time flies away as well.  Where once we carried a little baby home from the hospital, we now have a boy growing into a young man.  And I am so proud of how he has grown.  I am still intent on savoring every moment and every memory as they are made and lived.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan.  I love you very much.

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2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. George Musgrave

    It is amazing how much time that we have with the little ones, and then we turn around and the time has gone. So just remember to hold on to all those precious memories, and treasue them later on, when they are grown so that you can share them with the little guys or girls

  2. Enjoy your son, and the rest of your family.

    We have a little taste of how much God loves us in Christ, when we realize how much we love our kids.

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