Sunday Morning 4/18/10

Sorry for posting this sermon a week late.  Last week was a little more hectic at times than usual and I just let this one slip through on me.  We had a great service and I pray that the message is a blessing to you.  God’s Word is amazing indeed and effective in all.

Latitude, Attitude, Gratitude

Sermon notes 4/18/10

Luke 7:1-17; 36-50

  1. Latitude of an authority – Luke 7:1-10
    1. The request for help
    2. The understanding of Jesus’ authority
    3. The demonstration of faith
  2. Attitude of a King – Luke 7:11-17
    1. The history of Nain – 2 Kings 4
    2. Stopping a funeral procession
    3. Reliving the history – Elijah, Elisha, and now Yeshua
  3. Gratitude of the forgiven – Luke 7:36-50
    1. The contrast of the host and the woman
    2. The parable of the debtor
    3. The forgiveness of sins
      1. To whom much is given much is required – Luke 12:48
      2. How much have we been forgiven and given?
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