The Bible and Pi – Another Win for Scripture

This is the kind of thing that I just love reading.  I think I have found a new blog to frequent.  I have not yet run into an atheist that tried to claim the Bible was inaccurate on the value of Pi, but this is an excellent example of studying deeper in the text.

Can God measure?

Here is the crux of the discovery if you don’t feel like browsing over to the full post (but I recommend checking it out as it isn’t very long):

In Hebrew, the word used for the line around the metal sea which gives its circumference is qav made up of the letters kof-vav. In 1 Kings the word is spelled with an extra letter: kof-vav-hey. Such variances in spelling are not unusual in Biblical Hebrew, and the rabbis maintain that each one give us a hint to look deeper.

The numerical value of kof-vav is 106 and that of kof-vav-hey is 111. Following the hint to go deeper, if we adjust the stated circumference of 30 cubits by 111 / 106 we arrive at the figure 31.415094336962 cubits.* This is very close to the figure given by applying pi to the diameter of 10 cubits: 31.415926535897……

In fact this Bible figure is much closer to the true value of pi than the calculations used by the ancient Bablyonians or Egyptians or Aristotle. Only the Greek Ptolemy (2nd C CE) got closer in the ancient world.

This type of post fits firmly in line with previous posts talking about the veracity of the Bible here.  Enjoy and be blessed.  God’s Word is an amazing book indeed.

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4 thoughts on “The Bible and Pi – Another Win for Scripture

  1. God certainly knows what He is doing.

    And we scramble around like chickens with our heads cut off, criticizing Him (at best) at every turn.

  2. e

    Fantastic!! Gamatria…very cool.

  3. Jeff, I put a link back to this post. This is awesome!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I found this one fascinating myself. The Bible has a lot of depth for those who are willing to go diving in.

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