Sunday Morning 5/2/10

We had a great service this morning and I was very pleased to spend my morning with the family of God here in this place.  I was afraid I wouldn’t have a sermon to post audio from after I saw the words Lo Batt on the recorder display after the service, but it managed to get the audio for everything up to just before the end.  The recording may seem to end rather abruptly but it was the best natural break point I could find to pick as close to the end of the recording as possible.  May God bless you richly through His Word as you follow Him.

Being a Disciple is Costly

Sermon notes 5/2/10

Luke 14

  1. The Capability for Humility – v. 1-15
    1. Eating with the Pharisees
      1. Common courtesy in interpreting Scripture
      2. Healing on the Sabbath
    2. A parable about honor and humility
    3. Touching the untouchables
  2. The Call from the Host – v. 16-24
    1. A lot of excuses
    2. A lot of excluded
    3. Who would turn down the invitation?
  3. The Cost is a Hardship – v. 25-35
    1. What does Jesus mean “hate your father, mother” and so on?
      1. Matthew 10:37
      2. Deuteronomy 33:8-11
    2. Counting the Cost of Discipleship
    3. Does God really expect us to renounce all that we have? – Luke 9:57-62
    4. What does that mean?
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