Chronicles of the Stunningly Obvious

I have been saving this one for a little while, but I finally am getting around to linking it up.  Recently, I ran across an article entitled, Why girls are naturally drawn to dolls as soon as they can crawl
This is one of those pieces that runs in the same line as the cover story that proclaimed that men and women are different and may even be born that way.  Consider these opening paragraphs:

Baby girls make a beeline for dolls as soon as they can crawl – and boys will head for the toy cars, a study has shown.

With no prompting, they will choose the stereotypical toys for their gender.

The findings – the first to show consistent differences in very young babies – suggest there is a biological basis to their preferences.

This indicates that ‘politically correct’ efforts to steer children towards things they wouldn’t normally play with are doomed to failure.

I would say that I am shocked, except that I am not.  It is further evidence of a designer at work.  Can you think of a “natural” explanation for this type of phenomenon to occur?  We have wonderful differences that are given to us by our Creator.  Not just differences between men and women and boys and girls, but differences from person to person.  It is a beautiful thing.

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One thought on “Chronicles of the Stunningly Obvious

  1. Give a little boy a doll…and 8 out of 10 times he will make a gun out of it.

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