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Just a few quick hits today as I don’t have time to do a lengthy post on anything at the moment. These are some stories that caught my eye in the last week and I am linking them up here for fun and for those who might be interested in them as well.

The first one has to do with Israel as Netanyahu has turned to the Bible to show that the nation of Israel belong in the land and particularly in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu told a parliamentary session commemorating Israel’s capture of East Jerusalem from Jordan in the 1967 war that “Jerusalem” and its alternative Hebrew name “Zion” appear 850 times in the Old Testament, Judaism’s core canon.

“As to how many times Jerusalem is mentioned in the holy scriptures of other faiths, I recommend you check,” he said.

Citing such ancestry, Israel calls all of Jerusalem its “eternal and indivisible” capital — a designation not recognised abroad, where many powers support Arab claims to East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

. . .

Heckled by a lawmaker from Israel’s Arab minority, Netanyahu offered a lesson in comparative religion from the lectern.

“Because you asked: Jerusalem is mentioned 142 times in the New Testament, and none of the 16 various Arabic names for Jerusalem is mentioned in the Koran. But in an expanded interpretation of the Koran from the 12th century, one passage is said to refer to Jerusalem,” he said.

This didn’t set well with many Arabs, who claimed this is “hate speech.”  Give me a break.

And apparently our Congress doesn’t have anything better to do than debate over restroom equality.  Honestly, there is a part of me that likes them wasting time on silly stuff like this because it gives them less time left over for the stuff they can do that really messes things up.

And finally, Laura Bush’s new book has some interesting “revelations” in it.  I wish I could tell you I was surprised to find out these things, but I would be lying.  The Bush family in general hasn’t exactly been bastions of conservatism and many forget that Bush Sr. was pro-abortion before he joined forces with Reagan in 1980. This link is to an editorial by Joseph Farah, who correctly points out that the argument about same-sex marriage or abortion isn’t with us, it is about God’s standard. It is worth a read.

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