Getting Defensive

I am not referring to myself in this case.  This past week, I have watched with interest as Israel has gotten roundly criticized for trying to defend itself.  There has been a ton of “ink” already expended on this issue, but I wanted to put a few thoughts out there and share some links for those who might be interested in such things.  This is another example of Israel being hounded for doing those things that any other nation in their position would be doing as well.  This embargo of Gaza is not only prudent, it may be the last line of defense they have left at this point.

When a “respected” member of the media starts sounding like the “peaceful” terrorists on board the ship that was raided, you have to conclude that sanity took the week off for some folks.  Apparently, some people can claim with a straight face that “a cache of bulletproof vests and night-vision goggles, as well as gas masks” is really humanitarian aid.  If you missed it, these are just some of the items that the Israelis found on board the lead ship from the flotilla that they intercepted.

With offers of escort for the next efforts coming from countries like Turkey and now Iran, one has to assume that this will blow up into a bigger deal at some point.  Amazingly, these nations have not learned from history as Israel has shown repeated attempts at direct conflict end badly for the aggressors (see the 6-day war for example).

But all is not lost, as someone in Israel realized that the truth encased in good satire can be a powerful thing.  So I leave you with my favorite video of the week (maybe even the year or decade)

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4 thoughts on “Getting Defensive

  1. Nice one!

    Helen Thomas let the cat out of the bag for the “progressive” idea that the Jews should abandon the idea of a homeland for themselves and “just go back to Germany and Poland”.

    These peacful travelers only want to destroy Israel. That’s all they are asking.

    And then, we are next.

    Islam, allah, and the terrorist/pedophile/murderer Mohammed want to do away with Western lifestyles and freedoms and other religions and install it’s version around the entire world.

  2. I gotta admit that I am surprised that the Thomas quote has generated this much controversy/attention. She says off the wall stuff like this all the time, but I suppose her timing is really bad in this case or something.

    I just read an article yesterday on one of the boat passengers on the fateful flotilla that sparked this mess. He was a videographer from the US who was asked to come along to “document” the trip. How can anyone seriously believe that this wasn’t a planned result? I can’t even say they are sad about getting some of these folks killed, since this is a group that condone suicide bombers. In a twisted way, the deaths make their story easier to sell.

  3. Sure..same thing when kids are killed in the line of fire.

    I think they love it. It just furthers their evil cause.

  4. Now, Thomas has resigned. That actually surprised me a little bit. I meant to ask you, did you watch the video? It was funnier to me because I remember the “We are the World” song so well from my younger years. They did a good job spoofing it and making their point at the same time.

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