Memories, Recollections, and Days Gone By

We are back in the places of my childhood and years gone by in Arkansas.  It is the first time we have visited in the summer since following the call of God to the Dakotas and ministry there.  I was quickly reminded why I prefer the climate of the Dakotas to my native state.  We were greeted by triple digit heat indexes and temps above 90 for nearly every day of our visit to this point.

This afternoon we went to the wedding of one of my wife’s younger sisters.  I couldn’t help but think back to the days when I first started dating Amelia and this little girl would come running to greet me at the door with a bull rush intended to knock me backwards.  She doesn’t do that anymore of course, but we seldom continue to do the things we used to do.  Life is growth and change and rare is the time or place that we can “go back” to the way things were.

In a lot of cases, this is a good thing.  God has made us in such a way that growth is a sign of life.  Things that don’t grow; die, whether it is slow and hardly perceptible or quick and shocking, the result of both is identical.  As we grow and change, the memories of where we have been and how we have changed can prepare us for the days ahead.

Today, we passed over ground that my wife and I walked years ago as a young couple in love and eager to be married.  And we walked those grounds as a couple who is still young at heart, very much still in love, and now blessed with three children who witness that love and testify of it on a daily basis.  On this day to celebrate fathers, I am blessed indeed to walk the paths of days gone by with a mind that is able to look forward to the days yet to come that are sure to be filled with joy, growth, sorrow, and many other things that only the Lord knows for sure.

While it is good to come and remember the past, it will soon be time to go back to the fields of the present and the service that God has called us to yet again.  I am excited to go and keep making memories for future days gone by.

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