Sunday Morning 8/15/10

We had a great time in the Lord Sunday morning.  The sermon text is taken from Acts chapter 10 and is a bit of a challenge to some of the traditional thinking regarding this passage and the meaning of Peter’s vision.  Listen by pressing play below and follow along with the notes if you like.  May God richly bless you through His Word.

Converting the Gentiles

Sermon notes 8/15/10

Acts 10

  1. Cornelius the God-fearer
    1. The term devout also used of Ananias in Acts 22:12
    2. He was devoted to the Jewish faith/God
    3. Prayer and giving to the poor – Acts 10:2-3
    4. A message from God – v. 4-6
  2. Simon-Peter the Messenger – Acts 10:9-33
    1. Hiding out with a tanner
    2. The vision of the sheet – v. 10-16
      1. Not about food
      2. It is about people – v. 28
      3. His justification for visiting Cornelius to the disciples in Jerusalem – Acts 11:1-18
    3. The purpose is to enable Peter to go to Cornelius
      1. Oral tradition forbid contact with Gentiles – v. 28-29
      2. God does not show favoritism – v. 34-35
        1. Salvation isn’t dependent upon a “legal status”
        2. Salvation is by faith – Habakkuk 2:4
  3. The Message is Preached
    1. Peter’s brief sermon – Acts 10:36-43
    2. Forgiveness of sins – Colossians 2:13-15
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