Sunday Morning 8/22/10

We had a wonderful time in the house of the Lord this morning.  It was a bit of a scramble and I had to cover the piano on short notice, but God is good and we made a very joyful noise over my plentiful mistakes.  The sermon this morning is from Acts 13 and is centered on the text of one of Paul’s sermons as recorded by Luke.  The notes are available below.  Simply press the play button to listen along.  May God richly bless you through His Word.

Paul’s Gospel Sermon

Sermon notes 8/22/10

Acts 13:13-52

  1. Paul the honored guest speaker – v. 13-15
    1. This takes place in the local synagogue on the Sabbath
    2. Why were Paul and Barnabas asked to speak?
  2. Paul’s Sermon
    1. Recounting Jewish history to David – v. 16-23
    2. Telling the good news – v. 24-31
    3. Backing up with witnesses and proof – v. 31-37
      1. The resurrection of Jesus
      2. Confirmation from Scripture (Isaiah 55:3; Psalm 16:10)
    4. An exhortation to the hearers – v. 38-41
      1. Romans 2:6-16
      2. The same word for justified in Acts 10:39 is in v. 13
      3. The Law gave a means of atonement; not justification
      4. Justification comes through God’s mercy only
  3. The Fruit of the Gospel
    1. The audience (Jews, Proselytes, and God-fearers)
    2. Continue in the Grace of God
    3. The root of the problem; loss of exclusivity
    4. A light to the Gentiles; salvation to the ends of the earth
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