Simple Idolatry?

There was a story that caught my eye a few days ago, but I held back on commenting about it right away.  Let me make one thing very clear.  I am not writing this as a Catholic bashing thing.  There are certainly no monopolies on this type of behavior among professing Christians exclusive to a particular denomination.

With the down economy, it seems some are turning to “house-selling kits” that are a little unorthodox(pardon the pun).  After reading the story, it is clear that this isn’t just a “Catholic” thing.  As a matter of fact, the priest that they interviewed actually called the whole thing superstitious himself.  I think the real problem is that a lot of those who profess Christ are so used to looking for God in all the wrong places that they have forgotten the right place to look.  We have made idols out of so many things.  I will never forget this display that left a nonbeliever leveling accusations of idolatry for instance.

The original article is terrible by the way.  The writer conflates the practice of Hindu home consecration rituals with the Jewish custom of putting a mezuzah on the doorpost (even while correctly stating that its presence is to be a reminder of God, not a source of blessing).

More illustrative however,  is the rather similar ritual that the writer mentions from Buddhism that attempts to “protect a house from foreclosure.”  Buddha has no more pull than St. Joseph and both of these rituals are ultimately looking in the wrong place.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob doesn’t “do business” with people like all the other false gods of man’s design.  If you want to know how he feels about using an idol, even if it is intended to be used in “his name,” I suggest you check out Exodus 32.  It isn’t pretty.  Those who would follow Jesus must flee from idolatry, in all of its forms.

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2 thoughts on “Simple Idolatry?

  1. Paganism is alive and well.

    I have Lutheran friends who once in a while send me these e-mails where you will be blessed IF you pass them along in a certain amount of time to a certain number of people


  2. I completely forgot about those, I have ignored them for so long.

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