It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Part One

I am going to do two posts tonight that are completely different, so take your pick or read them both.  This one is about football.  Tonight we had our fantasy football draft for a league comprised of folks from here in people in the DBC (Dakota Baptist Convention) here in North Dakota.  I have played in fantasy football leagues several times before over the last 10 years or so.  I even won a public league two years ago on Yahoo against a bunch of strangers I had never met.  Which brings me to this; this is the first time I have played in a league where I knew any of the other managers.  It is also my first time to be the “commissioner” of a league as well.  This will probably make for a very interesting football season.

I generally like fantasy football, but I find that it messes with the way I watch the games.  I always find it weird to be less concerned with how my favorite NFL team (the Cowboys) is doing and more concerned with seeing “my players” scoring points (even against the Cowboys).  I am determined not to go overboard with this and just have fun.  And I look on the bright side, at least the “trash-talking” will be clean.  I like my team, although I made a couple of dumb mistakes with WR’s.  I can fix it via the waiver wire most likely, so everything is good so far.  It’s football time.

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