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Sunday Morning 10/24/10

We had a wonderful time in the Lord this week.  My back pain cleared up enough to allow me to stand and preach the Word, which is an answered prayer and a blessing.  The message may sound a little muffled this week as it appears that the mic fell into my jacket at some point.  The audio is still understandable, so here it is.  Notes are below as well.  May God richly bless you through His Word.

Serving, Suffering, and Shepherding

Sermon notes 10/24/10

1 Peter 4:1-5:11


  1. Set Apart to Serve
    1. Being different – set apart – holy – v. 1-11
      1. Characteristics of the old man – v. 3-4
      2. Characteristics of the new man – v. 7-11
    2. Called to serve
      1. One another – v. 8-10
      2. Our God – v. 11
  2. Suffering for the faith
    1. Trials aren’t an “if,” they are a “when” – v. 12
      1. Trials bring blessing – v. 13-14
      2. Trials produce character – Hebrews 12:11 (2 Peter 1:5-8)
    2. Trust God’s timing and will in troubles – v. 19
  3. Shepherding the flock – 1 Peter 5:1-11
    1. Do it willingly – v. 2
    2. Be an example – v. 3
    3. Be humble – v. 6
    4. Be restored, confirmed, strengthened and established – v. 10
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Sunday Morning 10/17/10

My apologies to anyone who came here to listen to the sermon for this Sunday as I failed to get it posted.  I was having severe back pain last week that limited my effectiveness in getting anything done, but I am back to normal now.  I was also afraid that this sermon was cut short, but in getting to listen to it I found that the only thing that got cut off was the closing prayer at the invitation.  We are responding to God’s leading as a congregation to be more proactive in caring for those God has placed in our path going forward.  I encourage those of you who listen online to be involved with a church family in your area.  Find a place where the Truth is proclaimed and the people are loving.  May God richly bless you through His Word.

Shepherd the Sheep

Sermon notes 10/17/10

Ezekiel 34:1-16; Matthew 10:16-33; 28:18-20


  1. Falling down on the job – Ezekiel 34:1-16
    1. Scattered sheep
    2. These shepherds only took care of themselves – v. 10
    3. Seek and save – v. 11-16 (Luke 19:10)
  2. Sheep sent out – Matthew 10:16-33
    1. Sent out to the lost sheep of Israel – v. 6
    2. Sheep among wolves
    3. Be like the Master – v. 24-25
    4. Fearless sheep – v. 26-33
  3. The mission expands – Matthew 28:18-20
    1. Sent out with the authority of the Shepherd – v. 18
    2. Sent out to the world – v. 19
    3. Shepherding the sheep – v. 20
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Sunday Morning 10/10/10

We had a great service this week.  I am fresh off of a conference out in Post Falls, ID and excited about the things God has in store for His church here in our corner of the world.  This message is taken from two passages in Luke, chapter 15 and 19.  There are no notes from this week’s sermon but you are invited to listen along.  May God richly bless you through His Word.


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Sunday Morning 10/3/10

We had a great time in the Lord this week.  We had news of a great answer to prayer, a prayer that I have been praying for three years now about the work schedule of one of our deacons.  I am excited at what the Lord is doing in our midst as He prepares us for a new season of ministry in Langdon.  The message this week comes from Acts 26 and is the last of the messages I will preach from this book for a while.  I pray that God richly blesses you through His Word this week.

Not Done in a Corner

Sermon notes 10/3/10

Acts 26

  1. Paul’s life before he met Christ – Acts 26:1-11
    1. Agrippa’s background
      1. His father is Herod Agrippa I
      2. He is Jewish
    2. Paul’s background
      1. Raised in Jerusalem from his youth
      2. Trained as a Pharisee
    3. Paul’s work against the Way
      1. Locked up the saints
      2. Cast votes against them
      3. Tried to make them blaspheme
      4. Past-tense Pharisee? v. 5 (Acts 23:1-6)
  2. Paul’s encounter with Christ – Acts 26:12-23
    1. Kicking against the goads – v. 14
    2. Paul’s mission to the Gentiles
      1. Open their eyes to turn from darkness to light
      2. Forgiveness of sins and a place among the sanctified by faith
    3. Paul’s description of his work
      1. Call to repent and turn to God (the Gospel)
      2. Perform deeds in keeping with their repentance
      3. A call to both Jews and Gentiles that is the same – v. 23
  3. The response of his audience
    1. Festus – Paul is out of his mind – v. 24-25
    2. Paul makes his plea to Agrippa
      1. These things are known – not done in a corner
      2. The witness of the prophets
    3. Agrippa – do you want me to act like a Christian? – v. 28
    4. Declaration of Paul’s innocence – v. 32
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