Sunday Morning 10/3/10

We had a great time in the Lord this week.  We had news of a great answer to prayer, a prayer that I have been praying for three years now about the work schedule of one of our deacons.  I am excited at what the Lord is doing in our midst as He prepares us for a new season of ministry in Langdon.  The message this week comes from Acts 26 and is the last of the messages I will preach from this book for a while.  I pray that God richly blesses you through His Word this week.

Not Done in a Corner

Sermon notes 10/3/10

Acts 26

  1. Paul’s life before he met Christ – Acts 26:1-11
    1. Agrippa’s background
      1. His father is Herod Agrippa I
      2. He is Jewish
    2. Paul’s background
      1. Raised in Jerusalem from his youth
      2. Trained as a Pharisee
    3. Paul’s work against the Way
      1. Locked up the saints
      2. Cast votes against them
      3. Tried to make them blaspheme
      4. Past-tense Pharisee? v. 5 (Acts 23:1-6)
  2. Paul’s encounter with Christ – Acts 26:12-23
    1. Kicking against the goads – v. 14
    2. Paul’s mission to the Gentiles
      1. Open their eyes to turn from darkness to light
      2. Forgiveness of sins and a place among the sanctified by faith
    3. Paul’s description of his work
      1. Call to repent and turn to God (the Gospel)
      2. Perform deeds in keeping with their repentance
      3. A call to both Jews and Gentiles that is the same – v. 23
  3. The response of his audience
    1. Festus – Paul is out of his mind – v. 24-25
    2. Paul makes his plea to Agrippa
      1. These things are known – not done in a corner
      2. The witness of the prophets
    3. Agrippa – do you want me to act like a Christian? – v. 28
    4. Declaration of Paul’s innocence – v. 32
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