Blogging Takes a Back Seat

I have caught myself many times over the last few weeks saving a story with the intent to blog a little about it, only to discard it a week or two later.  I have found myself thinking, I want to write a post about that; but the moment fades and I put it off only to never pick it up again.  So, in a sense, I have several posts that have been rattling around without any outlet and if I just sit to try and type one, I might end up with five alltogetherinajumble, if you get my drift.  In my last post, I mentioned some of the flurry of activity in October that kept me away from posting up any of those things I was planning to do and now I want to take a couple of posts to share some more detail about what has been going on and what is going to be happening in the near future, Lord willing.

At the beginning of October, I traveled out west along with four other guys to attend Immersion I at Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, ID.  This is actually the most recent piece in a bigger process that started just over a year ago.  My heart has long been focused on the mission that Jesus gave to each of us to be making disciples as we live on this earth.

I first heard Jim Putman speak at a church planting/rural church growth conference about a year ago and the first session he spoke at was completely about this very thing, the commandment to go and make disciples.  This wasn’t and isn’t about market testing/consumer driven church or trying to develop a “seeker sensitive” church or something like that; this guy really was serious about making disciples and his church was and is doing exactly that.  I was intrigued and encouraged.  God really spoke to me during that conference and has been at work in my life and in the church that He has placed me in to bring about a fundamental change in the way we are doing things.  It is slow going, primarily because it involves change; and change is a scary thing for most of us.  The cool thing for me has been the way that God has guided and directed this process and has added in bits of confirmation along the way.  I am more excited to see how this unfolds than ever before and I will try and keep a little more information flowing out as I am able to during this process and transition.  I would ask for your prayers as God uses us to reach people here in Langdon and beyond.

I am not sure that I can convey in this format, just what an amazing thing God is doing in His people here.  At this point, I am not even sure what else I can say about it.  I will save it for another post in the (hopefully) near future.  In the meantime, I pray that all those who come by and read on a regular or random basis have a wonderful Thanksgiving with those that you love.  We are going to have a somewhat low key affair with a few folks in as guests for the meal.  I am looking forward to it.  Shalom to you all.

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