An Infamous Day

A lot of my friends put little reminders on Facebook about the fact that this is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  For many years now, this anniversary has meant more to me than it did before.  Why is that?  Because, I now know someone who was there.  I am connected to the event in a way that I hadn’t been before through the presence of a man I am glad to call a friend, even though distance separates me from him now.

It is funny how we make these connections.  Somehow, things seem a little more real when we have a tangible connection to them.  It makes me think of a scene from a movie, Star Trek: First Contact, where Picard reaches out to touch the “warp ship” that he always saw as a boy in the Smithsonian but was never allowed to touch.  In that moment, he comments that it is more “real” because he is able to touch it.  May we never forget the sacrifices of those who have gone before us and may we never lose touch.

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