Sunday Morning 1/2/11

Well, we kicked the new year off this past Sunday with a renewed focus toward the ministry that God is directing our church, which is to be faithful and intentional in making disciples.  You will likely hear some more messages along this same theme as we go through the next few months.  I encourage you to think about what it means to both be a disciple and to make disciples in your own place of ministry, wherever God has placed you.  May you be richly blessed through His Word.

Growing Up

Matthew 18:1-7; 19:13-15

Sermon notes 1/2/11



  1. Faith like a child – Matthew 18:1-4
    1. This isn’t blind faith
      1. Inquisitive (Why?)
      2. Not completely figured out (Teachable)
    2. Learning – must be taught
    3. Not a permanent state – 1 Corinthians 13:11; 14:20
  2. Time to grow up – Ephesians 4:11-16
    1. Growth comes in relationship and community
    2. We all have a part in growing together
    3. Growing up – Hebrews 5:11-6:3
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