Idle Hands

Let me be brutally candid.  I am lazy.  I used to read through Proverbs every month when I was a younger man and every last one of those proverbs about laziness used to feel like a 2×4 between the eyes.  If work can be avoided, I probably know how to do it best, but let me add something to this.  I am not as I once was.  God’s been working on me, to make me what I ought-ta be as the saying goes.

I mentioned in a previous post that my word for this year is growth, and as scary as it may be for my psyche, some of my recent growth is coming in this very area.  I tend to work by deadline.  I calculate how long something will take and wait until the last minute to start.  For those who might not behave this way, I will let you know that it is a dangerous way to go.  Inevitably, Murphy shows up without an appointment and demands full attention and shoots the whole plan down the tubes and I almost never get a chance to utter my favorite A-Team line because the plan never comes together.  Even worse there is another problem with this M.O. that I know about, but have traditionally preferred to ignore.

It comes from that age-old saying: idle hands are the devil’s playground.  When I push nearly everything off to some imagined “starting point of no further procrastinating,” it tends to leave a lot of extra time that has no other purpose, which I find inevitably leads to trouble (and not always just the kind with a capital T that rhymes with P and stands for pool).

And please understand that I am not saying that doing nothing is always bad.  Doing nothing has a place and time; we are commanded to rest every week after all.  There is value in taking a break.  I am just relearning the value of making sure that idle hands are kept in their proper place.  It is growing in me.

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