Sunday Morning 1/30/11

We had a very busy but special day together in the Lord this week.  The Sunday service was capped off with an observance of the Lord’s Supper.  The audio may seem to have an odd ending place because I cut it before we moved to the Lord’s Supper.  The sermon is about parables and why Jesus used them to teach.  You can follow along in the notes below.  May God richly bless you through His Word.

To What Can It Be Compared?

Sermon notes 1/30/11

Matthew 13:10-17; 34-52


  1. The Point of a Parable – v. 34-35
    1. Simplify – a singular point
    2. Those who can hear – understand
      1. This isn’t about hiding knowledge
      2. Parables are a teaching aid
  2. Parable quick lessons – v. 36-50
    1. Do not discriminate – Matthew 7:1
      1. Wheat and the Tares
      2. Net full of fish
    2. Discern true value – Matthew 6:25-34
      1. Hidden treasure – found accidentally
      2. Pearl of great price – found deliberately
  3. New and Old together – v. 51-52
    1. Training for the Kingdom – discipleship to maturity
    2. New treasure – Jesus’ teaching/instruction
    3. Old treasure – the Word of God
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