Bringing Forth New from Old – A Matter of Taste

There is a trend in CCM to remake old hymns by tweaking melodies and adding lyrics and so forth. Some of the remakes are really good and some not so much. I suppose the opinion of which is which is more subjective than objective as art is generally a matter of taste (and we know there is no accounting for that). I linked the video above as an example of a recent “redo” that I think is actually very good. So good in fact that I decided to learn how to play it last week after hearing it for the first time.
It is good to bring forth both new and old treasures from our storehouses and sometimes it is even good to combine the two together.

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2 thoughts on “Bringing Forth New from Old – A Matter of Taste

  1. Thanks for sharing, Jeff!

    Not bad!

    And that’s coming from a stodgity old Lutheran dude who loves the old hymns sung to pipe organ music!

  2. LOL. You are welcome. I think sometimes they can do more harm than good, but I like to hear when someone does one well. And I found that this one is really fun to sing as well. Decided to sing it in church yesterday in fact.

    I tried my hand at reworking O God Our Help in Ages Past and thought it sounded OK. Maybe I will post that up sometime.

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