Heads They Win and Tails You Lose

The only time I can ever recall seeing this gag work is in a TV show or with a kid under the age of 5, but it seems the global warming folks want to see if it will work for them anyway.  Maybe I should call them the “climate change experts” like they would prefer, but that is just another element of the rigged coin toss setup they are working.

At least more people seem to be catching on to their game.  Just a few weeks ago, I read the flashback story from 10 years ago where the “experts” had predicted that by this time most kids in Britain would not even know what snow looks like.

The IPCC Third Assessment Report was as straightforward as one can get asserting that global warming would cause a decline in heavy snow events. As the Senate chairman would say, while waving the IPCC report, “We have it….” But now that real-world evidence has proven IPCC wrong, the alarmists have pulled an about-face and are claiming global warming is causing more frequent heavy snow events.

I highly recommend looking at the above reference article as it contains a mass of links to even more backpedals of note, but the moral of the story is simply this.  Don’t fall for that same old trick, unless you are under the age of 5.

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2 thoughts on “Heads They Win and Tails You Lose

  1. THE biggest SCAM in the history of mankind.

    We are spending Billions trying to cool off the earth, even as we are seeing some of the coldest and snowiest Winters on record.

    People sure are dumb.

  2. I read another blog that uses the acronym MPAI (most people are idiots). At first blush, it doesn’t seem like a very Christian thing to say, but of course the truth of it keeps shining forth over and over again in day-to-day life. The number of people who wholeheartedly buy into the man-made global warming scam aren’t helping make a case to the contrary either.

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