Two Whacks Ought to Do It – Growth

Sometimes it is the simple, small things that make an impact.  I had mentioned a while back that I decided to give this “one word” idea that my sister has done for years a try.  I even announced my word: GROWTH.  It has its own category here and everything.  One of the things I have wanted to grow in this year is my work as a writer.  I like to write (as long as I can type it anyway, handwriting is not my thing), but in the past I have tended to start a blog entry or some other writing project and quickly shelved it or deleted the post.  That is one of the reasons that posts have been so sparse at this site.

Earlier this week, while reading one of the few blogs that I visit every single day, I read (for the second time in a week) that a “good blog” should have about three posts a day on average.  Believe it or not, this was news to me.  I figured a good blog was one with interesting content and so I tried to provide interesting things to read.  While you can’t substitute quantity in place of quality, I suppose there is truth to the fact that if you only write when the Spirit moves and not with any consistency; it doesn’t make much sense to expect that you will have any regular readers.  Never let it be said that I am not teachable.

So, I am growing.  In this case, I am growing as a writer by learning that sometimes it is good to write something that might be “less than perfect” as opposed to thinking about writing something that will be absolutely great which never sees the light of day.  No one can read my thoughts after all, except God.  As a way to add some accountability to this effort, I am pledging to you, the reader of this haphazard writing experiment at least one post a week that deals with my OneWord2011 challenge word: Growth.  Furthermore, I am aiming for at least two posts a day minimum on weekdays.  Don’t expect to see new posts on Saturday as I take that day off to spend exclusively in study of God’s Word and spending time with family.  There might be an occasional post on Sunday, depending on how hectic the day is that week (after all I am a pastor).

This is what growth looks like.  Sometimes it comes from less than obvious places and in odd ways, but I am growing.

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3 thoughts on “Two Whacks Ought to Do It – Growth

  1. Yup, I’ve read the same thing, recently on Michael Hyatt’s blog, that minimally we should be doing three posts a week.

    For a while that was my minimal, regular schedule: MWF. But then it got to: whenever I could muster something up.

    I’m with you, I think. It’s high-time we get serious and start committing to regular blogging.

  2. Joe,
    I hear you. My problem was that I would see something and think about blogging about it and then just sort of get distracted. I am making myself write at least two posts a day at the moment. It is the funny thing about writing; the more you do it, the better it gets and the easier it gets. Kinda like a lot of things, practice makes perfect.

  3. That’s where I want to get to: the writing just flows because I’m doing more and more of it. Coming here and commenting also seems to be loosening up writing muscles.

    Have you tried using Evernote? I just started using it yesterday to keep track of post ideas when I get them. We’ll see how effective it is for me.

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