It’s Not Easy Going Green – A Parody on Environmentalism

I suppose I am in a parody mood.  I need to get the video recorder out and have a little fun setting these to music.  This one is inspired by the news story about the cost of “lowering the earth’s temp 1 degree” and the absurdity of the environmental movement.  Enjoy and sing along in your head.

It’s not that easy going green
Having to spend more each day than the world has ever seen
When we realize that there’s not enough silver or gold
To take the temperature down even one degree

It’s not easy going green
It seems we spend money on too many ordinary things
Like buying food we need to eat each day
And paying our bills so we can drink some water
And buying gas so we can drive

But green’s the coolest sort of thing
And green can be sort of sneaky like
And green makes you feel guilty about the ocean, or pollution
Of the mountains, woods or streams

When green is all we’re allowed to be
It will make you wonder why, was there another way,
We could have been green and still been fine, let’s consider
There’s another way that we can see

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2 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Going Green – A Parody on Environmentalism

  1. Nice one, Jeff!

    You SHOULD put that one to music and sell it to Ralph Nader.

    Sooner or later…it’s gonna be Nader!

    (we could sell bumper stickers to old hippees!)

  2. Thanks, Steve.

    I am getting the camera out tonight to record something for my sister, so I am thinking about dragging out the instruments as well when the kids are in bed and I can record without a lot of background noise.

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