Welcome to Blog Madness 2011 from SBC Voices

I am going to make this post sticky until round one is over.  If you haven’t voted yet, please go and vote for me.  New posts will appear below this one until March 24th.

It’s tournament time, so over at SBC Voices the game is on.  My blog has been included in the field for the first time.  Hello to all of those coming over from SBC Voices to see what I am about.  Feel free to look around, you will find a little bit of everything under the sun.

For my regular readers, please head over and vote for this blog.  I am listed in the West regional and have some other great blogs in my region, so I need your help.  I am going to be on the road traveling today, so I may not have any more posts up today, but I will plan for something for tomorrow.  Pray for safe travel on the roads as this time of year is pretty unpredictable.

Update: Made it safely and wanted to add something to the post from the SBC Blogs contest.  From the comments over there the moderator mentioned the “ethics rules” as such:

And please, folks, a word about ethics here. We believe that shameless electioneering, begging for votes, manipulating your friends to log on and vote for you – these are all acceptable and expected behaviors.

In that vein, let me say that if you only vote for one blog in the West bracket, and it is mine, that actually helps me out overall as it helps me gain a vote against everyone else.  I am currently sitting out of the top four in my region and need some help.  Go and vote.  You don’t have to be SBC or give any personal info or anything.

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