Funny Stuff for Friday

I’m will probably only get one post up today since I am on the road for meetings, but I think I am going to take this opportunity to start a Friday tradition/feature of doing a series of funny links and/or short blurbs in the name of “lazy blogging.”  Kind of like this:

Pearls Before Swine is one of my favorite strips these days.  I particularly like the well set up “pun strips” that he does from time to time.

So now, on to the links and blurbs:

North Dakota’s population is growing despite the fact that almost no one wants to move here, according to most people:

The state’s weather makes it hard to lure new residents. The average January low temperature is four degrees below zero. North Dakota holds job fairs in other states to match workers to available jobs.

Really, I like it here.  I will deal with the frigid weather in exchange for being spared any summer days that top 90 year after year.  We are still the only state that hasn’t lost jobs during Obama’s recession/depression yet.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

I may seriously have to add this to my wish list.  I’ve always wanted to go to space and I doubt I will be able to afford it in the near future.  I think I may have to sign up on this site.  Look for news to come.  Plus, I see that the drawing is on my wife’s birthday, that has to mean something, right?



Clearly, there is something to this.  Well, that is enough silliness for now.  Let me finish with something completely different.  One of my favorite bloggers posted today about how he remains upbeat despite the depressing news and decline around us.  It is well worth a read, but I wanted to post part of it here as well:

But the more history I read, the more I saw that the Israelites’ behavior is the normal pattern of human behavior. Man stands on the shoulders of giants and thinks himself tall, only to learn otherwise when he strides boldly forward. Perhaps that makes you cry, but it tends to make me laugh, even if it does sound a little hollow and sardonic even to me. But how can you not laugh, as atheists and pagans blithely assemble the infrastructure of the old slaughterhouse and call it progress, never imagining for a second that they will not only be its victims again, but will find themselves crying out to God for rescue from the destiny they so ardently desired.

May you have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend, and may the peace that passes all understanding be yours in abundance.


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