God Knows Best about Sex and Modesty Too

Every so often, I run into one of those stories where someone unexpectedly says something that simply confirms those things we learn so readily in God’s Word and yet says it as if it was amazing news.  I have done posts on this before, but let me say it one more time.  God knows what He is talking about!

As our Creator, He knows how we are made to be and how things work best within His design.  Yesterday, I ran into a post about girls and modesty where the author asks the question, “why do we let our girls dress like that?”  The blogger I saw mention this article said that the thing lacking was any evidence of a father.  While I agree with that, fathers have a huge impact in this area (of course, that is a piece of Godly wisdom as well).  There is a paragraph that jumped off the page as I read the commentary:

I have a different theory. It has to do with how conflicted my own generation of women is about our own past, when many of us behaved in ways that we now regret. A woman I know, with two mature daughters, said, “If I could do it again, I wouldn’t even have slept with my own husband before marriage. Sex is the most powerful thing there is, and our generation, what did we know?”

This woman learned in retrospect that God’s ideal of saving sex for marriage was really a good idea.  Every person I have spoken to who is honest about it says the same thing.  You can look at Hollywood and the trail of destruction left by the contemporary attitudes of casual sex, zero commitment and sexual “freedom” and see nothing but pain and despair.  Charlie Sheen may call it “winning” but he is losing everything that is worth anything at all.  When reality finally hits the depth of the loss is evident to all.

The Bible says many things similar to the same observation that this lady made.  Sex is a powerful thing.  No less that the Song of Solomon teaches this very concept:

6Set me as a seal upon your heart,
as a seal upon your arm,
for love is strong as death,
jealousy is fierce as the grave.
Its flashes are flashes of fire,
the very flame of the LORD.
7Many waters cannot quench love,
neither can floods drown it.
If a man offered for love
all the wealth of his house,
he would be utterly despised.

– Song of Solomon 8:6-7

There it is for you.  The wisdom of God is wiser than man’s wisdom.  Don’t trust the “experts” of our modern age.  The Word of God is still true and still holds wisdom that will get you through this life and beyond.  Don’t get sucked into the lies that say otherwise.

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2 thoughts on “God Knows Best about Sex and Modesty Too

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