Some Interesting Archeology Finds from the Middle East

I ran across some really interesting news this morning and I wanted to share it, but it occurred to me that my reactions are a sign of growth in me as well.  The news concerns a recent find in the Middle East of some sealed metal books and other apparent first century writings.  A couple of the posts I read about the incident were breathless sort of speculation that “this is important, this means something.”  It is as though the finding of these is yet another harbinger of the end of times and so forth.

I am certainly excited by the find, and I pray that these are genuine articles and give us more insight into first century life and thought.  But, the growth I recognize in me is the hesitancy to join the rampant speculation and get sucked in to the overboard side of the excitement.  Am I excited by the potential of this discovery? Yes!  Am I looking forward to hearing more about it as time goes on? You betcha!  But I am not going to jump the gun and start declaring all sorts of wild things based on the initial speculations and that is indeed a sign of growth for me.

I invite you to check out the article above and the related links and tell me what you think about these plates/books and the find of these materials.  I am intrigued by the fact that so many of these books are about Sukkot and such.

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2 thoughts on “Some Interesting Archeology Finds from the Middle East

  1. Jeff – Just wanted to say thanks for the link. I look forward to what turns up in regard to this finding.


  2. Darren,
    You are welcome. Found you when Toby linked it on facebook. I really liked the article and look forward to seeing what comes from the find.

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