Elementary, My Dear Watson

In other funny news for the week, there is a “scientific” study that has concluded that religion will go extinct in as many as 9 countries.  There is a much more biting critique of this study available at Vox’s blog, but I wanted to throw in a couple of extra nuggets for fun.

First thing I noticed is that they patterned this “study” after one that was done on the death of languages a few years back.  I don’t know how you equate linguistics with religion in this manner.  If anything, religion is directly responsible for maintaining a knowledge of several “dead” languages in its own right.  Not the best concept that one might try to start with in any case.

While I am sure it didn’t enter into their equations, such as they may have been, while some religions have died over time, the Christian faith (and its ancestor Judaism) not only haven’t died out; they tend to get stronger and more resilient in the face of persecution and/or trials.  God maintains a remnant of His people.  I don’t see any of the countries listed in this study going complete irreligious at any time.  Vox posits that some of the countries are more likely to go Islamic before they abandon religion altogether (which might please some atheists), and he adds an additional amusing thought on why religion will not cease to be in any case:

The non-religious groups don’t provide their memberships with the same benefits as the religious groups, for the obvious reason that they are an intrinsically negative group, defined solely by what they are not. As atheists love to claim, none of them have anything in common with one another, except for the fact that they are uniformly smarter, more highly evolved, better educated, and morally superior on the basis of their non-belief. (Hey, I TOLD you they were irrational).

As for the study, I think Watson the Jeopardy computer stands a better chance of doing a good scientific study before these folks do; at least he has logic circuits capable of connecting relevant data for the problem at hand.  Maybe these folks should go and learn something from him.

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7 thoughts on “Elementary, My Dear Watson

  1. Good!

    Religion should go extinct!

    Religion being our efforts to make ourselves more acceptable (or better) before the Living God.

    God hates that!

    He’s after faith…and FAITH ALONE. (John 6:28,29)

  2. Steve,
    Even that kind of religion isn’t bound to go extinct. Probably less so in fact.

    These guys can’t possibly be expected to comprehend the difference between religion and faith based on their body of work in this study.

  3. You are right, Jeff.

    When Christ returns He will probably find plenty of “religion”…but “will He even find faith?”

  4. Since He promised that He always keeps a remnant, I think we can safely say yes, He will find faith.

  5. I think it was Jesus himself that asked the question.

    The way that actual faith (trust in what He has done, is doing, and will yet do) is wanning, and the way that so many ‘how to’ churches are growing…it’s easy to see what he meant.

  6. You are correct that Jesus is the one who posed the question (Luke 18:8). It is placed between two parables and in that context it acts as a rhetorical device. It comes on the heels of his story about the persistent widow, where Jesus teaches persistence in seeking after God. It is primarily a warning to those who trust in their own righteousness as evidenced by the parable that follows it.

    When Jesus talked about faith, He often talked about how minuscule our faith was and is, and yet it is still acceptable to Him even at that.

  7. Believe you me, I know that we have miniscule faith.

    I’d love to go into one of these big mega churches around here who are on the ladder to great obedience and ask them to move a mountain or two (we have plenty of them). All they need is faith the amount of a mustard seed.

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