Sunday Morning Service for 3/27/11

We had a fun worship service Sunday morning with some new faces and a beautiful day both inside and outside.  I am truly blessed to serve with the people at First Baptist Langdon.  This morning’s sermon comes from Mark chapter 5 and centers around the woman healed from a bleeding disorder.  I invite you to listen along and follow along with the notes as well.  May God richly bless you through His Word.

Grabbing Hold of Messiah

Mark 5:25-34

Sermon notes 3/27/11

  1. Working in the midst of uncleanness
    1. The Faith to Come to Jesus – Mark 5:28
    2. The Power of God
      1. Corners of His Garment – Numbers 15:37-41
      2. God’s Ways Bring Healing
  2. Healing in His Wings – Malachi 4:2
    1. Word for wings also means corner
    2. The corners of the Messiah’s garment – Mark 6:56
  3. Taking Hold of the Messiah – Zechariah 8:20-23
    1. The nations will take hold of Messiah; Isaiah 56:6-8
    2. The corner of the garment of a Jew (same word)
    3. Learn from the Master
      1. Isaiah 2:1-5
      2. Matthew 11:25-30 (Jeremiah 6:16)
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