Unapologetic Overprotective Dad on the Loose

Maybe it is because my little girl turns 7 tomorrow, or maybe it is the fact that my oldest boy is less than a year shy of teenager status; either way, I am putting up fences in the best sense of the word with a lot more intentionality and speed than I ever did before.

There is nothing new underneath the sun indeed.  The Bible says this without any qualifiers and it was stated nearly 3000 years ago.  This isn’t to say that there isn’t new technology or discoveries or the like.  The thing that simply does not change is the nature of man and our behavior.

I have been stockpiling the links for just a day or so as they run across my path.  I could include a dozen more links than what I will bother to post here, because there is nothing new about this at all.  In fact, I just wrote something similar last week, based on another article.

The world has seemingly gone mad about sex.  Between the stories about a clothing company that sells “push up” tops to kids my daughter’s age(which I won’t even bother to link to), and the continuing stories about kids who are “sexting” at younger and younger ages, I am about ready to throw up.  There are “well-meaning” pastors who attempt to talk frankly about the subject but can’t avoid either sensationalism (a la marketing ploys) or outright vulgarity.  Yet the church needs to address the issue.  We need to invite parents back into the mix to take responsibility for bringing up their children in the knowledge of the Lord and His Ways.  God has plenty to say about sex and sexuality and how to get it right.  Let’s not punt the ball on this issue and leave it up to a world that should know better, just from sheer failure of bad experiences, yet will never learn from their mistakes.

My little girl knows what modesty is and she can recognize immodesty for that reason.  My boys are going to be brought up to “keep their hands to themselves” until the time that God provides the other half to complete them, flesh of their flesh and bone of their bones.  Which means they will still be keeping their hands to “themselves” when you think about it.

It may make them weird in this culture and it will certainly mean that they won’t be like everyone else, but that is the meaning of being “set apart.”  It is what we are called to be as believers and it is what we are taught to pass on to our kids as parents who love the Lord.  Plus it will save them from a lifetime of regret and unneeded hurt and trouble.  I will guarantee you that the folks in this article wish they had done the same.

Let us not be afraid to point to God’s ways and His design for sex, which is to be safely confined within a marriage relationship with a man and a wife.  Outside of that context, you are simply playing with fire (Proverbs 6:27) and you will get burned.

As a father, I take my job seriously.  Am I being overprotective?  Maybe.

But I will take that risk, and believe me, I am not sugarcoating or hiding the truth from my kids.  I am just trying to make sure that they learn the truth from me and from God’s Word before they hear the distortions that have been cooked up by society and pop culture.  Those are lies from the pit of hell itself and I want my kids to be able to recognize them for the forgeries they are, by showing them the genuine article.  Real love.  God’s Love – God’s Way.

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6 thoughts on “Unapologetic Overprotective Dad on the Loose

  1. freebreakfast

    As a twenty something still figuring it all out and watching as my friends and I age, my best advice is to be there, rain or shine, for your children, instill in them good values and trust that they will make the right decision. Good luck on your journey!

  2. Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Interesting site BTW.

    It hasn’t been that long since I was a “twentysomething” as well. But I got married young (21) and started having kids in the mid-twenties.

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  5. Thanks for the link-love Jeff!


  6. My biggest concern from the influx of sights and sounds is the objectification of women.

    The overt messages you can talk about and explain, but the subtle influences that condition people’s thinking… you don’t always realize they are there until it’s too late.

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