King for a Day, Thanks to My Little Princess!

Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church, I realized that I didn’t have the shirt or even the pants that I wanted upstairs; so I put on the bathrobe, that I rarely ever wear, and trudged down the stairs to collect the desired attire.  Upon seeing me, my daughter shrieked with glee and said “Daddy is wearing his royal robe.  He needs his crown!”

Suddenly, there was a paper crown, which she had made for me to wear a while back, waiting to be placed on my head.  It is one of those moments as a dad that is too precious to pass up.  Even though I was in a hurry, I bent down to accept my crown and tried not to knock it off my head as I gathered my things.  My daughter said, “You are the king and mommy is the queen and I am your princess!”

Just try and hear those words without smiling.  I wore my crown upstairs and Amelia got a good laugh out of the sight as well.  These are the moments that parents remember for a lifetime.  Today, my little princess is turning seven, and I know that the days of paper crowns and our “royal family” are growing shorter.

Hard to believe that seven years ago today we had our “Dakota baby” in the hospital just down the street from our home.  I won’t lie that I was relieved to be living so close to the hospital after some close calls with the boys deliveries back in the days we lived in Arkansas.  Of course, my daughter was the one child that didn’t come early.  Instead, she was fashionably late by a couple of days and came on the one day of the week that I had hoped she wouldn’t pick (because of my work schedule at the time); but that is the way it often seems to be in my experience.  Daughters have a way of wrapping themselves close to a dad’s heart, and she got an early start on the process.  I shared yesterday that I would be unapologetically overprotective of her and I mean to be.  She is our only girl and remains the only granddaughter on both sides of the family, so she may get spoiled just a little from time to time as well.

Even still, there are so many things that a dad cannot prevent.  I couldn’t keep her from banging her head against the door and needing stitches last summer and there have been other adventures that I would have rather avoided.  I know that I won’t be able to stop every bad thing from happening either.  In my heart, I know that such a thing wouldn’t even be healthy anyway.  She will grow and learn and take some bumps and bruises along the way, but daddy will always be there to pick her up and help her out.

Just as important, I am planning to make sure she knows how a true gentleman should treat a princess.  We are going out for lunch today, and Amelia told me last night that AllieRose asked to wear a dress for the occasion.  I suppose that I might have to dress up just a little bit (nothing real formal) to make sure that she knows how special it is to me as well.

Today, I just wanted to take a break from all of the other posts and wish my beautiful princess a very happy birthday.

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2 thoughts on “King for a Day, Thanks to My Little Princess!

  1. commence sobbing…..

    Happy Birthday sweet girl.
    Your Aunt Gina loves you more than words!!!
    (love you too B)

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