My Kidneys Were Right All Along

Every once in a while, I see one of those helpful bits of health advice about drinking a lot of water.  I even tried it once as part of a health challenge at work a few years ago, because I didn’t want to hurt my team.  Turns out that the “water quota” is a misunderstanding.

I guess I would have known this before, if I had cared enough to check it out.  I should have too, because I never liked trying to drink all of that water.  I know that drinking some water is good for you, but those crazy deals like 64 ounces a day or take your body weight in lbs. and drink half of that number in ounces of water (200 lb person drinks 100 oz. of water you see), are just not right.

If you want to spend the better part of your day running to the WC (a little British lingo there), then go right ahead (really bad pun I know).  Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

All things in moderation after all, and that includes water.

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2 thoughts on “My Kidneys Were Right All Along

  1. You gotta be careful. Too much water too soon will flush the nutrients out with it.

    This topic came up on a friend’s blog yesterday. I’m just makin’ my rounds, warning about the dangers of H2O. The stuff is worse than crack (not really).

  2. No worries about me. I am not exactly a heavy drinker of anything (except maybe pop, but that has its own problems).

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