Spring Already Sprung, But the Job’s Not Done

We are moving toward spring on the calendar and the signs of it are around us even here in the frozen north.  There is a small stream flowing alongside the curb that says the temperatures are just warm enough to allow snow to melt.  There are daily flood updates from the Fargo and Devils Lake areas and plenty of concern to go around.  As a fun distraction, pro baseball is about to begin its regular season and college ball already has.  My Razorbacks are doing well, and I can only hope the same for the STL Cardinals.

Around here spring is a time of celebration and dread wrapped into one.  Celebration for the end of winter and the “death” that it brings to so many things.  Dread for the hazards that accompany “new life.”  It all makes me think of my word, growth.

Let me pull this back to the baseball realm for a minute.  The whole object of baseball in a microcosm is to “get home” to come full circle and finish the circuit of the bases.  This has parallel with life itself.  Life is cyclical and we sometimes circle the bases and other times just get picked off first or strike out at the plate.  It is often said that baseball is a game where you must get used to failure.  A person who only gets a hit 1 of every 3 plate appearances is considered a good hitter for instance, but that percentage means that he fails 2 out of every 3 times at bat as well.

We see this same thing at work in our own life.  We fail far more often than we succeed as we walk in faith.  This doesn’t mean that we should hide in the dugout secure in the knowledge that we can’t be kicked off the team.  If anything knowing that we won’t be cut should provide us the courage to keep going up to bat.  It’s kind of fun to work this many baseball metaphors into a single post, but I presume that you get the point.

I am excited for the start of baseball season to be sure.  I am hoping that the Cardinals have a great year and win the World Series.  In the meantime, I am still growing because I won’t quit when I fail.  I will look to the One who went to bat  (I know, Paul calls it a race, but stick with me) and batted 1.000.

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