One More Gag for the Day

I saw this video courtesy of the comment thread on one of our funny posts at SBC Voices today.  You should go and check out the full April 1 lineup of posts as many of them are quite funny and not all of them are inside jokes for SBC folks.

Anyway, here is a video promotion for Lutheran Airlines (I thought of you, Steve).  I had to put in up because they service North Dakota and all.  Enjoy and remember it is all in good fun.

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6 thoughts on “One More Gag for the Day

  1. Jeff, the link didn’t work for me.

    But I have heard it before.

    Very funny, stuff!

    Oh sure…you betcha!

  2. That’s weird. I just watched it on my computer and I have a bad connection here at the hotel in Fargo.

  3. Oh…I got it, now!

    I have never seen it before…only heard it.

    This should be good…

  4. That’s Tim Conway.

    He is great! Yu betcha!

  5. The pictures of the planes are hilarious. Those characters are really big up in these parts dontcha know.

  6. We have a couple of old time Lutrens from up dare in our congregation.

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