Funny Stuff for Friday Here

It’s time to get your laughing done with here at the end of the work week.  First up in the line up is a collection of funny warning labels. Some of these you may have seen before, but it is still funny and worth a look.  My favorite is the Dremel one:

Dental appliance?

I didn’t know DIY dentistry was so big.  Maybe this is what Everette McGill was planning to use for his practice.

Either way, it doesn’t sound terribly comfortable.

Moving from the bizarre to the seriously messed up, a scientist has determined that a man who lived ~5000 years ago was “gay” based on his skeleton.  I double checked this story to make sure it wasn’t an elaborate April Fool’s gag.  If that was their intention, they mistimed it by nearly a week.  Their reasons given were strictly based on the way he was buried:

In addition, the “gay caveman” was buried with household jugs, rather than the weapons, hammers and flint knives typically seen in graves of men.

“From history and ethnology, we know that when a culture had strict burial rules they never made mistakes with these sort of things,” Remisova told journalists at a press conference about the find on Tuesday.

There you have it.  People never make mistakes is the line of defense for this one.  I am not sure which is funnier, the declaration of a “gay” caveman or the fact that this scientist thinks that people are incapable of making a mistake in a certain area.  Granted, not all scientists are in agreement with the assessment of the evidence at hand:

“To state unequivocally that this individual was a homosexual or heterosexual transvestite, or indeed anything else, on the available evidence is at best somewhat speculative and at worst sensationalistic,” he said.

I would say sensationalistic is a good word to use for this, but I prefer comedic gold instead.

Have a great Friday and remember that laughter is the best medicine you can give yourself.

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