Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

Anyone remember that Toy-R-Us slogan from years ago?  They may still use it for all I know, but it talked about letting kids be kids.  There are some days a lot of adults would like to be kids again, and there are some adults who act like they still are; but kids, well, they should be given the chance to grow up in due time.  One of the things I have told my kids is that I want to do what I can to allow them to be a kid for as long as they should be.

What do I mean by that?  I don’t want to overload them with things that are too mature for them to know or worry about and I want to protect them from those who think otherwise.  Part of this involves teaching them wisdom and how to recognize quickly what is potentially hazardous from what is likely benign.  Before you ask, I have had many “talks” with my oldest and a few less “talks” with the younger ones.  We aren’t shying away from talking about sex or any other potential minefields that the world wishes to erect for my kids to walk through in their way.  We are teaching them how to walk around the minefields as best as we can.

But I am heartbroken for all of those in their generation who won’t get the same protection from being forced to “grow up” before their time.  The world has taken aim at these young ones and desires to force them from their childhood far too soon.  Cases in point:

Giving condoms away to 11 year old kids in Philadelphia.

“Playing it safe just got easier,” the website reads. “If you live in Philadelphia and are between the ages of 11 and 19, you can now have condoms mailed directly to you for FREE. Maybe it’s difficult for you to stop by one of our sites to pick up condoms. Or maybe you’re just shy or feeling weird about picking up condoms.”

There are no words to convey how I feel about this assault that is directed at 11 year olds.  These people have no clue what sex is about if they even think that it is a remotely good idea for 11 year-olds to be engaging in it.  Amazingly, they almost kinda realize it too as the director concedes that 11 might “seem a little young” to people.  This of course doesn’t stop them from dragging out that old canard that kids are doing it anyway and we need to find out why they are doing it.  I can tell you why they are doing it, because nitwits like them are suggesting that it is OK or inevitable that they will do it.

“Abstinence is one end of the continuum and we certainly want to encourage kids to be abstinent, but for the kids who are not, we want to educate them,” he said. “Abstinence is certainly one end of the continuum, but abstinence-only programs don’t work.”

To the contrary, abstinence-only programs are undoubtedly the most successful because they don’t send out mixed-signals.  We don’t send firemen out to tell kids not to stick their hands in a fire and then give them an asbestos glove in case they want to try it and a tube of burn cream for when they give in to the urge and get burned.  This is essentially what they are doing with sex education that goes beyond teaching the reasons to abstain.  Tell them no and then give them protection for when they will do it anyway and then give them medical attention for the diseases they will invariably contract.

Want to have truly safe sex?  Wait until you are married and have it only with your spouse who has done the same thing, no risk for STDs, no risk of out of wedlock pregnancy when you are 12.  Or to use the fireman analogy.  If you want to make sure you don’t get your hand burned or burn down anything else, keep the fire in the fireplace where it belongs.

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