When the Opportune Moment Is Missed

Well, what is there to say.  There are many expressions that come to mind, but most of them aren’t a good fit or aren’t repeatable in polite company.  Big news today as President Obama finally releases his birth certificate.  The document will now be checked out and gone over, but I have  couple of other questions to put the matter to rest once and for all around these parts anyway.

Just a few days ago, I posted something about the fact that Hawaii officials were saying that no one could get a long form certificate anymore despite people who claimed that they had in fact done just that.  I accused the officials in Hawaii of lying in the media.  It managed to draw spam robot comments defending the officials and Obama and issuing challenges to me to “put my money where my mouth was” or something to that effect.  Now, lo and behold, Obama produces a long form certificate after all the caterwauling that it cannot be done.  In fact there was a story just yesterday at WND about Hawaii officials slamming the door shut on anyone getting a long form certificate like the one Obama released today.  Of course, that story means that my post from a few days ago was correct.  They were lying, because now they said they wouldn’t allow anyone else to get one.  Yet the day after they slam the door, Obama releases his.  It really is ironic now.

At this point, the comedy of errors is just funny to watch.  Assuming that the long-form certificate that the White House released in genuine; it would mean that Obama has to have had it in his possession for some time.  So it would seem that Obama has taken a cue from Captain Jack Sparrow and tried to wait for the “opportune moment” to release it.  In my opinion, he failed.  His decision and the circus that has surrounded it tells me something far more important about him than his birth certificate ever did.  His sense of judgment can’t be trusted.

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One thought on “When the Opportune Moment Is Missed

  1. Amelia

    So true! One of the things I love about you is how you speak the truth plainly and and clearly!

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