Funny Friday Is Here Again

For a leadoff, I cannot resist making a little fun of the headgear that one of the princesses wore to the wedding last week.  I didn’t see the wedding at all (we were at a conference at a campground without a TV in sight and it was nice), but when I arrived home after staying an extra night on the road thank to a end of April blizzard; I was treated to the sight of what might be the most hideous hat in all creation.  Luckily, others have gone the extra mile to truly make fun of the thing as befits such a monstrosity.  Of course, another article demonstrates that this bizarre hat problem is not new.

Turns out that TOTUS has some key help in teaching Obama how to really get the most out of his services.  I am just curious as to what goes in to teaching someone how to use a teleprompter anyway.  I wonder how all of us preachers deliver sermon after sermon without speechwriters and teleprompters.  I suppose, at least in my case, that it has something to do with the fact that I actually believe what I am saying.

Side note: I was listening to Rush yesterday and he went off on this rant about how Obama has to “hide” what he really thinks about things but I had already written the preceding part of this post the night before.  Synchronicity I suppose.

Speaking of Obama, his picture was at the top of a story I read this past week about how left-handed people are more affected by fear and more susceptible to things like PTSD and so forth.  I would have more to say about it, but as a left-handed person myself, I am afraid of what you all might think of me afterward.  I hope you realize the humor in that statement and I fear it won’t be lost on you because I really am left-handed (which does mean I am supposedly in my right-mind).  I would have to check to be certain, but I think that our last three presidents have all been left-handed in fact.  I don’t know what that says about the future of our country or even that it does.  Just thinking out of left field here.

Have a wonderful weekend and rest in the Lord.

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