Sunday Morning Sermon from 5/8/11

Sunday morning’s message was interesting indeed.  I had the opportunity to preach at another church here in town earlier in the morning (which I always enjoy) and this was a message that seemed to hit close at both churches this week.  Even more so, I had three separate things from the sermon (maybe more, I wasn’t counting them) that showed up independently throughout the day as well.  When God wishes to speak to you, He has a way of making Himself heard in my experience.  I pray that God speaks to you as well through His Word.  May you have a blessed week.

Don’t Worry About Your Life

Luke 12:22-48

Sermon notes 5/8/11

  1. Why Worry? – v. 22-34

    1. Clothes, food, essentials are covered – v. 22-23, 31

    2. What can worry do? – v. 26

    3. Giving Your Life Away – v. 33; John 12:25-26

  2. Don’t Give Up on Service – v. 35-40

    1. Have your lamps lit – Matthew 5:14-16

    2. Don’t get weary or quit – Galatians 6:4-10

  3. You Mean Someone Else, Right?

    1. Whose Job Is It? – v. 41

    2. What do you know to do? – James 4:17

    3. The Accountability Principle – v. 48

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