Making a List and Checking It Twice

Nope, I am not Santa, and I am not referring to Santa.  There is a tradition in the blogosphere of doing “list posts” at special times.  I don’t know where I read about it first, but I have seen it in many places.  Since I just hit the 500 post milestone for this blog (which is kinda hard to believe), I thought I would do a list of the 50 things I have learned from blogging.

    1. Compliments are rare and treasured things.
    2. Complaints on the other hand are numerous.
    3. Hot topics get hits and lots of comments.
    4. Topics everyone agrees about get nothing but silence.
    5. Blogging can be fun.
    6. Blogging can be frustrating.
    7. Blogging can be maddening.
    8. Blogging can be a lot of work.
    9. I enjoy writing more than I thought I did.
    10. The previous one is only true when I am not writing by hand.
    11. I don’t like to write by hand anymore now than I did when I was a kid
    12. You can make wonderful friends through blogging that you will (regretfully) likely never meet in person.
    13. You can make vicious enemies through blogging that you will (thankfully) likely never meet in person.
    14. I thought making a list was supposed to be an easy post, why did I have to do 50 when I am already running out of things to say at 14?
    15. Lists are a handy shortcut to spurring creativity.
    16. Twitter isn’t as evil as I thought it was.
    17. But it isn’t far from it.
    18. Apple is as evil as I thought it was (had to say it).
    19. Blogging by smartphone is not easy.
    20. Blogging by netbook is only slightly better.
    21. I seem to be 10 times more creative at 1 AM than I am at 1 PM.
    22. The above statement is only true when I haven’t yet gone to be before 1 AM.
    23. This number is reserved for something truly weird (if you are still reading this statement, I forgot to put something weird in) [hey wait, I thought this list was being checked twice] {maybe this is weirder than anything else I could have put here after all}  I suppose I could just leave it like this then.
    24. I did part of this post from my phone just because I can
    25. I could never have imagined that I would have been able to blog from my phone when I first started blogging so many years ago.
    26. I had to re-edit the bits I added from my phone so I have now checked this list more than twice, but I have learned that post titles should be catchy so I am keeping that as-is.
    27. You aren’t supposed to talk about politics or religion in “polite conversation” but a lot of blogs are built around one or both.
    28. I guess that means blogging isn’t always polite conversation.
    29. Writing 500 posts with an average of 500 words means I have written at least 250000 words on this blog, that is like a huge book.
    30. I don’t think anyone is rushing to give me a book deal anytime soon though.
    31. Frankly, I am often surprised that anyone reads this blog regularly outside of my family (even they are probably not every post readers, except maybe my wife).
    32. The number of subscribers is always in a state of flux, now that I think about it (I have at least two most of the time).
    33. It is amazing to see people from other countries reading the blog.
    34. I just remembered that sometimes sports blogging can be just as vicious as political blogging.
    35. Did I mention that I do most of my blogging late at night?
    36. For every good or witty thing I come up with, there are at least as many dumb or lame things to go with them.
    37. It took me years to get over looking at the blog stats as a measure of my “success” in blogging.
    38. Being a part of a blogging team is a lot more fun than I expected it would be.
    39. The internet is further proof that there really is nothing new under the sun.
    40. Did I mention that a list of 50 things is quite a lot really?  Maybe I haven’t learned that much after all.
    41. Blogging is like journaling for an audience for me.
    42. That doesn’t make me a journalist, does it?
    43. I think better when I am typing, although not as good as when I am talking.
    44. I am blessed to have the opportunity to even write at all.
    45. Looking back at the things I have written over the years, reminds me how much I have changed and grown.
    46. There is no way that I want to try a list of 100 things when I reach my 1000th post.
    47. I reserve the right to change my mind about that and pretty much anything else I have written.
    48. God can use even blogging for His glory.  He is good that way.
    49. Blogging is vanity at some level, thank you Ecclesiastes.
    50. Thank you to all those who have stopped by to read this blog and those who come to read in the future and a special thank you to all of those who have commented at some point along the way.

That’s it.  I probably learned a lot more, but none of it comes to mind at the moment, so I will leave it at this.

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