One Word 2011 Update

Regular readers are aware that there has been a break in regular posting for the last couple of weeks. As a way of getting back into the groove, I wanted to give an update on what’s going on lately. My last post was the day before my anniversary. My wife and I were excited to celebrate 15 wonderful years of marriage together and had the benefit of visiting grandparents (my mom and dad) to watch the kids for a night so we could get away and really celebrate. And since my parents were here for a couple of weeks, I took some time off from blogging as much as I could. I still helped out some at SBC Voices, but the rest of blogging got put on hold.

I figured I would jump back into the swing of things with an update on the OneWord2011 as it touches most other areas as well.  I am currently writing the post while watching over our garage sale out front.  It is amazing to watch how people interact at a garage/yard sale.  Some folks drive by and slow down to see if something catches their eye from the road but don’t want to invest the time to stop.  Others get out and do a quick once over everything and then head almost sheepishly back to their car.  Some get out and look things over and chat for a few minutes and might even buy a little thing or two.  Others come in and go over every little thing and buy nothing.  It runs the gamut to be sure.

By way of updating on growth, which is my OneWord for 2011, I am excited to be back on track for some of my fitness/health goals.  I have started a running jogging program called C25K, which is supposed to help you go from couch potato to 5K runner in 9 weeks.  There should be enough good weather to get that in before it turns back to cold and winter.  I had to start and then restart after allergies kicked in and parents came to visit, but I am pleased that I have been able to stick with it so far.  I feel better already and even found myself able to walk 9 holes of golf this past week, which was a struggle just a couple of years ago.

I am obviously still working on my writing habits as well.  I am going to use some advice that I saw at Jon Acuff’s site, Stuff Christians Like, especially one about writing a little bit to start and not publishing things on the first draft as much.  It does help my writing style, but there will certainly be posts that come much more off the cuff still.  But I will scale back the ambitious 3 posts a day goal and make that something to “grow” into as I go forward.

I am continuing to grow in so many ways.  Some of them are just between me and God or me and my wife or me and my kids, but all of them are amazing to watch as God continues to work in my life.  Like the old song says, He’s still working on me.

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2 thoughts on “One Word 2011 Update

  1. Hey brother. Good news…3 posts per day (unless they are each like 200 words) would almost certainly be too much for blog readers, especially if they also read a bunch of blogs. Like you, I recently went through a stint of not writing much. For me I found I wasn’t taking in good things (like this blog!) to feed myself and my ideas, and other contributing factors. I personally shoot for 3-4 thoughtful posts per week, with an announcement or light thing peppered in as I go.

    Garage sales–always an adventure!

  2. Anth,
    I got that number from our usual goal at SBC Voices and from observing several other blogs. Of course those are all blogs with larger readership than what I currently have, so I figure it was somewhat unrealistic. I have a tendency to run with something that seems like a good idea before I completely flesh it out. Yet another area where I am looking to mature and grow.

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