Thanks Dad: I Notice Numbers

I mentioned it a long time back on this blog when I was nearing some milestone number of comments at the time, that I have picked up a small fascination with numbers thanks, in no small part I am sure, to my dad.  So, it was with some amusement that I noticed earlier this evening after I tweeted a story about the community spirit in Minot during the flooding, I now stand at 665 tweets all time.  I used to joke that Twitter was evil, although not at the level of say Apple products, so I thought I would put in a humorous tweet for my 666th message of 140 characters or less.  Then, I remembered that my posts here also auto-generate a tweet now, so I figured I would do a post instead that would then generate an automatic 666th tweet.

This might be more evil than I originally intended.  🙂

Honestly, I know that a whole lot of Christians have a lot of hangups about the whole 666 number and it is not my intention to poke fun at them, but I am more than willing to poke fun at the superstition of the whole thing.  I know people who have been afraid of having anything that had the number 666 on it at all (I bet this blog post is really getting to some of them right now if they ever read it).  All I have to say is, don’t worry about it.  God didn’t give us that information to make us scared of a few numbers on a page or anywhere else.  God does deal in numbers at times.  There are lots of significant numbers in the Bible and God has used some of these things before.  But some people have been known to get carried away with the whole thing at times also.

So, here is to my 666th tweet that will result from the promotion of this blog post.  May it have a fun time out there in the ether.  May you have a fun time reading about it as well.

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