Fridays Are for Fun Stuff

Anyone who has ever watched a reality TV show surely realizes that there isn’t a lot that is “real” in most of them, but Fox took this to a new low of sorts.

The image comes courtesy of InsideTV at  They have helpfully circled the duplicated portions that the TV show photoshopped in to make the crowd at the audition appear bigger.  My favorite line though was the comment about if only they could photoshop in more ratings.

The next item would be a lot funnier if there weren’t so many confused people who thought that Scientology is true.  An old video from 1990 has gone viral on the web and it is pretty funny.  Cheesy and sad at the same time.

With lyrics like these: “Knowing the truth will set us free, Take us from clear to eternity, For a future we thought would never be, We stand tall.”  The only Truth that will set you free is Jesus, the Way the Truth and the Life.  The way they have corrupted the idea almost makes me want to throw up, but I have decided to laugh instead.

Lastly, there are days where I am glad that Arkansas was the land of my birth and then there are days when I am more inclined to look for a paper bag and a new home state.  Reading this story yesterday inspired more of the latter reaction.  The guy wants to ship himself in a crate and stay connected to an online game for 7 days.  The picture alone is worth a laugh as is his vague answer about “bio-break” accommodations.

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2 thoughts on “Fridays Are for Fun Stuff

  1. They’ll be hiring those Fox guys to do the counting at the next million man march!

  2. I think they already had them to do the counting at the first one.

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